Packaging a Wakanda application with PhoneGap (part 2)

Hello everyone,

Last week i wrote the theoric part of the steps to package a Wakanda application with PhoneGap. Now i’ll just go deep in the process and show an example of the application i packaged. The files before and after the changes i described in the previous blog post.

If not already done, please go back and read the theoric part.

Here is an example of the package you’ll upload to phonegap

Final package structure

Final package structure

If we wanted to extract the “RiskManagement” smartphone page of a project looking like.

Initial package structure

Initial package structure

Before doing this, please make sure that your terminal is currently pointing inside your WAF folder you’re going to publish, not the WAF inside Wakanda server installation location. You can verify this by running the “pwd” command line, which will display the location you’re actually at.

find . -not \( -name "*.png" -o -name "*.gif" -o -name "*.svg" -o -name "*widget-palette*.css" \) -type f -ls -delete


find . -empty -type d -delete

Also you’ll have to manually open and save an image named terrain.png in “WAF->widget->googleMaps->images”. Actually it’s 16Mo weighted until Build 0.125861 (The build I use, I didn’t check every build to see when it got fixed).

If you’re running on windows, erm … sorry for you 😦 I’ll try to learn more about windows command lines and tell you about it later.

Thanks for reading, hope you could package your application. If not PLEASE post comments, and i’ll help you.

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